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  • Hot Girls in Glasses – C...

    Hot Girls in Glasses – CamWithHer Girls | Daily Girls @ Female Update
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    Girls in glasses are in a class by themselves.  Four eyes can often be better than two.  Do glasses make a girl look more sophisticated? Perhaps turn her into a sexy nerd, even if temporarily?  What is it about these bespectacled beauties that teases our devious minds?  Elite Daily says that...

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  • Cassidy Nicole

    Cassidy Nicole | Daily Girls @ Female Update
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    Nerdy girl next door Cassidy Nicole launches an official solo site! Get the inside scoop on Porn Corporation magazine with a naughty pictorial and trailer video for Cassidy's new...

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  • Nerdy Girls Cause Nerdgasms

    Nerdy Girls Cause Nerdgasms | Daily Girls @ Female Update
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    Nerdy girls have been known to cause certain eruptions in your pants (or panties). Nothing can cause a nerdgasm better than seeing a sexy chick showing her love for all things sci-fi, video gaming, super hero-ish, pop culture coolness type of geeked out stuff. Not sure if that made...

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  • Hot Chicks Being Nerdy

    Hot Chicks Being Nerdy | Daily Girls @ Female Update
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    Continuing with our “Hot Chicks” compilations, we bring you some nerdy babes causing geekgasms throughout the web. That being said, I feel it is my duty to bring you some of that pleasure from these beautiful babes in the form of cosplayers, gamer girls, and sci-fi hotties....

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  • Catch a Nerd: Classical Sexyti...

    Catch a Nerd: Classical Sexytimes | Daily Girls @ Female Update
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    Classical music might not sound too sexy next to the new paradigms of sexiness achieved in American popular music. But tucked into so many of those powdered wigs in the classical era was a dry sheepskin condom that you had to soak in warm milk overnight to before using. What could...

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